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After the WCup 2016 and the extraordinary Alpago-Piancavallo 2017 World Championship, here we are, ready for a new challenge, a THREE DAYS team race in three stages, along the tracks of the World Championship as in the old and pure spirit of ski mountaineering; over 50km of off-piste and about 11,000m of total difference altitude (d+ 5,500m)
The race will run from the early afternoon on Friday to the very classic of Sunday morning and in the middle the return stage to Alpago from Piancavallo:
1st stage, short but evocative, from Alpago to Piancavallo with sea view at sunset and an unprecedented summit to climb, Mount Colombera.
2nd stage, initially on the tracks of the World Championship's Vertical race and then the formidable and pyramidal M. Cornor and an unusual Cima Vacche to finish.
3rd stage is the famous M.Guslon with its daring and vertical Placche couloir (55°) and the spectacular descent into the fantastic Val Salatis.
Wins who takes less time in the sum of the three times ... but just getting to the finish line is worth a graduation for this tiring but spectacular sport on the snow - the prize pool of € 15,500 with further €4,500 in prizes seems to us the right prize for the tightrope walkers of this Olympic discipline.

ATTENTION that 3rd stage, Sunday February 18, will be the only trial for the Italian Championship teams of categories Senior-Master M-F

But the novelty of 2018 is also the Transcavallo CLASSIC reserved for those who do not want to try themselves with agonism, but want to be on the World Championship tracks and get accompanied by expert guides, who will be able to advise and help them where need it - an absolute sharing of pleasures, emotions, fatigues and breathtaking views that will enhance love for this wonderful sport made of snow and peaks.

Finally, there is an Organizing Committee, which is an absolute guarantee of professionalism, ability and competence. The Committee is in turn on the traces of a great one who has been the dad of Transcavallo since 1984, Corrado Azzalini, to him the tribute of 300 volunteers and of all athletes and simple ski mountaineers, who have been here to race or for simple excursions. The Transcavallo, let's not forget it, is and remains a formidable flywheel for winter and summer tourism for our territories.
Lastly, thanks to all the big and small companies who believe in us and in this sport and in the values that in the past Transcavallo has transmitted and transmits today; their support, together with public bodies, is essential to organize the event at the best.
As always here and on our web-socials find all the numbers of the 35th edition .... differences in level, altitude and planimetry with the program and the photos as well as the videos that will be published daily in February from 16 to 18 2018.






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