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Alpago-Piancavallo 2017 World Championship is already behind and with it the excellent 1st experience in 2018 of the 3-days race. So here is the Transcavallo 36th edition: 15-16-17 February 2019, never change a winning show!
It starts on Friday 15 February with the fast, strong, spectacular and full of charm 1st stage: in the afternoon, departure in Alpago and arrival in Piancavallo.
The day after, the 16th of February, the race restarts from Piancavallo leading to Alpago with the initial ascent, the same as during the Worldchampionship, under the mount Colombera and then up the spectacular and technical pyramid shape of Monte Cornor, closing with the spur of Cima Vacche.
Last stage with the classic Monte Guslòn to be reached 3 times, with the feared vertical Placche couloir (55°) to be climbed after the spectacular descent into the fantastic Val Salatis; the race starts with both the Schienon of Cima Vacche and the lunar spectacle of Vallazza.
Sum of the times and total prize money of € 20,000 with particular recognition to all participants, as always.

Parallel to the agonistic race, there is the "classic race" as in 2018. There is no competition, but an approach to the great ski mountaineering routes under the watchful eye of the mountain guides - an absolute sharing of pleasures, emotions, hardships and breathtaking views that will increase love for this wonderful sport of snow and peaks. As always, everythings is run by an Organizing Committee which is an absolute guarantee of professionalism, ability and competence, on the traces of past major events and with the memory of Corrado Azzalini. To him the homage of 300 volunteers and all the athletes and simple ski mountaineers who here they have ventured, in the past and now. Always.

Transcavallo remains a formidable flywheel for local winter tourism, both Veneto and Friulano, but it requires sharings, those that come from the many companies that believe in this activity, big and small, but all united for our sporting event. As always here and on our social networks you can find all the numbers of the 36th edition with altitudes, altimetries and planimetry, the program and the photos as well as the prizes and the days of competition, the videos that we publish daily, from 15 to 17 February, 2019.








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